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Direct APK Downloader is a browser extension that allows the user to obtain APKs, the Android package files that contain programs, without accessing them through the Google Play Store. The user can name a package (as formatted on the Play Store) or provide a Google Play Store link, and obtain APKs, even outside of regions where they are normally available or for devices that don't normally run them. However, some packages cannot be downloaded in this fashion, and the download speed is slower than if downloading directly through Google Play.


  • Download APKs anywhere
  • Easy to use


  • Not 100% functional
  • Slow download proxy

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Direct APK Downloader


Direct APK Downloader varies-with-device for PC

User reviews about Direct APK Downloader

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    It seems to an interesting application
    it helps to open all applications on the screen easier

  • Cow Jack

    by Cow Jack

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  • Amir Thapa

    by Amir Thapa

    to download apps .
    most of the apps cannot be downloaded so for downloading it may help Pros: games
    social media

  • Amir Thapa

    by Amir Thapa

    to download apps directly.
    I thick that most of the apps for pc cannot be downloaded .s0 for downloading it ma help us Pros: gameMore

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